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The Rome Exchange Club was chartered in 1936 and is still going strong today serving the community through many service projects including child abuse prevention.


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Sept 25th

Family Resource Center Night
SweetFrog Premium Yogurt

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Exchange Club of Rome
 Meetings Held Friday At Noon
The Palladium
Coosa Valley Fairgrounds
1400 Martin Luther King Blvd 
Rome, GA
Club Anniversaries
Club Anniversaries 
22 years !!
    Leonard White     
18 years
Joan Crumley

15 years
Sherry Thompson

13 years
Robin Burk
Rick Sheerin  
5 years
George Bosworth
Charles Long    
4 years
Eric Haney

3 years 
  Tina Bartleson
Leslie Duke
Tobie Peck



ECOR Officers



Rome Exchange Club
2014-2015 Officers
President - Bryan Shealy
Past President - Tony Daniel
President Elect - J P Cooper
Secretary - Ronnie Wallace
Treasurer -Noah Simon
Ex-Officio - Kirk Milam

Term Ending 6/30/2015
Brenda Gail Baldwin
Debbie Burnett
Leslie Duke
Michael Elliott
Cathy Kerce
Jackie Moreland

Term Ending 6/30/2016

Louise Branham
Giles Chapman
Greg Fricks
John Hine
Nan Winkelman
John Upton
District President- Tyron Spearman

Program of Service
Committee Chairperson
Americanism- Leslie Duke
Youth - John Upton
Community Service - Cathy Kerce
Child Abuse Prev -Nan Winkelman
P/R - Jackie Moreland
Social - Tony Daniel
Awards - Michael Elliott
Programs - J. P. Cooper

Fellowship -Rhonda Wallace & Steve White
New Member Support - Tony Daniel


Contact one of these Chairpersons and volunteer for a committee.

CVFA Officers
Coosa Valley Fair Association Officers
Pres - Kirk Milam
1st VP - Bill Irmscher
2nd VP - John Garner
Tres - Joe Wade
Sect - Paul Smith
Ex Officio - Tony Daniel
Past Pres - Jim Talley

Term Expires 11/2014
Bud Owens
Tom Bennett
Cathy Kerce
Jim Loyd
Stan Rogers
Term Expires 11/2015
Holly Kelly
Gigi Binion
Steve White
Frank Shropshire
Phil Burkhalter
Term Expires 11/2016
Jack Carter
Don Chambers
Sam Reeder
Gene Richardson
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When you bring a prospective new member guest, give them one of the new brochures and let them read all about Exchange.  National's latest "Join Exchange" is available from the President at each meeting and will help you seal the deal.

Rome's #1 Service Club For Over 78 Years

August, 2014

Winner of the Leonard Grace Best Club Bulletin 2013-2014

Greg Gaston, Editor

hunger logo

$200 Additional Dollars Needed
In Blue Cups At Business Meeting
September 5 To Provide
One Ton Of Food
(Food to be distributed through Rome Action Ministries Food Bank)

August 29: United Way

Next Meeting

Friday, August 29th

Rich Lampkin

Rich Lampkin

United Way

After completing a 27 year career with the United States Army, Rich has served for over 15 years within the United Way system. He began as a Loaned Executive for the Principle Financial Group with the United Way of Central Iowa. He continued his career as the Executive Director of the United Way of Story County and Vice President of Resource Development for the Washtenaw United Way and finally serving as the Executive Director of the United Way of Rome & Floyd County, Inc. since 2000.

Rich is married to Alison and has three sons Chris, Zach, Matthew, and a dog named Bell.



Steak and gravy, chicken and dumplings, speckled butter beans, creamed potatoes, scalloped tomatoes, rolls, salad, cherry cobbler, cake, and ice cream.


Now…Here’s Some Good News


Rome’s DDA Leads The State…Again

Headed by Exchangite Ann Arnold, the City of Rome’s Downtown Development Authority has been awarded the top award for promotions at the Georgia Downtowns meeting held in Decatur last week.  The agency partnered with Parks and Rec to put on the “Apocalyptic Zombiethon Block Party and Race.”

Exchangite Bill Wigley, according to Fred Dent, “is doing well in his new accommodations. He is recovering from another surgery to try to stop his chronic nose bleeds. He wants to come visit us during the Fair.”  We would love to see the General.

If any one has been looking for Rome Exchange President Bryan Shealy, we hear tell he is in a secluded location in Florida still working on the Exchange budget and the final program calendar for this year.  Our secret reporter was able to sneak a picture of Bryan hard at work preparing his materials for next week’s business meeting.





Live The Dash ———


The following was sent out by Dick Young, Texas District President, but it has food for thought for every Exchangite:

Recently my friend Ret General Rick Lynch spoke to my group about the battles we all face in life,business and social interaction.
His closing remarks were in my opinion “spot on” for what we as force members are faced with.
It was about living the dash….

Your life and your Exchange life is defined by dates. I was born Aug 8 1952 and at some point i will pass away. And on my head stone it will read:

Richard Young 1952 – 20??….
Member of Exchange 2007-20??

Life is not simply a beginning and an end……its about how we live the dash… That time in between. How will we be remembered? Is our dash long or short on giving and serving others? Is our dash marked by loving family and life to its fullest?……..

Our Time on the force has a beginning and an end but how will each of us live and serve Exchange during the dash…

I encourage each of you to Exemplify Exchange and excite your districts to grow and prosper during this year …. This is your year to shine… This is your time to make a positive difference in your club.your district and your National Exchange Experience..

Be a Positive Force …………………………..
………………Live Your Dash ————————————–


Last Week’s Program

Cathy Mitchell and Sherry Childs of GNTC amazed the club with their programs of English As A Second Language and Adult Literacy and their success stories.
Sobering statistics presented to the club

Family Resource Center News

Be on the lookout for the next Exchange Today magazine from the National Exchange Club.  Your Family Resource Center will be a featured article!

  We were pleased to welcome two special visitors to the Family Resource Center recently.  Chase and Reese Edwards are the grandchildren of the late Reed Edwards (children of his son, Scott).  They contributed a total of $57 dollars… $32 of that donation was a direct gift by Chase.  He earned the money from doing chores.  While we appreciate donations of all sizes, the fact that this 3rd grader chose to share hard-earned dollars to help other children have safe childhoods tugged at our heart-strings.  We think Reed would be proud!

Here We Grow Again…


Volunteers Needed Today!

The Exchange Club of Rome would like to grow Exchange once again and this time we are looking at Rome High School for an Excel Club.

Excel is the high school equivalent of a regular Exchange Club but with students making up the membership.  They do their own projects and generate their own funds, although we would hope the students would work with us on things like the Coosa Valley Fair and our Family Resource Center.  There will be a faculty adviser to work with the students, but we need several Rome Exchangites who can work with them in organizing and getting their club up and running.  After that, several of us will stay on as  advisers to show the club how Exchange works and how they can get involved in the Programs of Service area.

Community Service is now required by most schools of their students and who else would be the best source of programming but America’s Service Club…Exchange.

If you have a connection with any students at Rome High and have some time to devote to helping build this club, please let me know by clicking on the link below and letting me know you want to be a new club builder.  We already have the blessings of Rome High Principal Tygar Evans, so it’s all up to us right now.


Dates to Remember…

September 11th – Patriots Day

September 14th – Ceremony to raise the Star Spangled Banner flag atop Jackson Hill.


Community Service

Help Exchange Donate 1-Ton Of Food
To Food Pantry

$200 Additional Dollars Needed In The Blue Cups
At Our Business Meeting September 5th To Meet Our Goal.

Your club needs your help in our next Community Service Project, to help re-stock the shelves at the Community Food Bank in September, Hunger Action Month.

President Bryan Shealy has asked that we dig down especially deep into our pockets for donations to the “Blue Cups” on our tables at our business meeting  to help purchase 1-ton of groceries to be distributed to those in need in our community.

The food bank is able to purchase food from the Georgia Food Bank at a very low price and we need at least $350 to meet our goal.  This is a ridiculous amount for all of this food, so please Exchangites, LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

News from the President

Fellow Exchangites:

     Welcome to a brand new Exchange year! Just returning from the National Convention it is impossible to not be “pumped up”. The learning and networking possibilities are unlimited there. The National Exchange Club, of which you are a proud part, has accomplished a goal we have not obtained in twenty-six years. For the first time since 1988 we have had positive growth at the National level. Exchange is like every other service club worldwide in that membership has dwindled for the past two decades. Exchange however has stopped the “bleeding” and is now moving in a positive direction. To continue the momentum National is once again pushing their “Each One – Reach One” member drive. They are asking each member to bring in one new member this year to help Exchange continue to flourish.

     On a local level I am asking for seven! Now before your faint … my goal is to increase our membership a total of seven members for the year. Each year we add many more than this number but with transfers, work schedules and, unfortunately, deaths, we do not grow by seven members annually. Not many of us would drive across town if someone offered us a 3% discount. We would say it isn’t enough. Well that is all I am asking for … a 3% increase in our membership, from 203 to 210. As I previously said, we all think 3% is nothing! Surely everyone will see this as a very achievable goal and do their part to help.

   Exchange is moving forward and our Rome Club is something to be proud of both in our community, for all the positive things we do, as well as on a National level with most other Clubs being very envious!!!

I look forward to seeing you at lunch on Friday ….

Bryan Shealy

Rome Exchange Club
 Meetings Held Friday At Noon
The Palladium
Coosa Valley Fairgrounds
1400 Martin Luther King Blvd 
Rome, GA

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Meal Policy Of The Exchange Club Of Rome

Members are encouraged to bring prospective member guests to all regular meetings.  The club is most happy to pay for the meals of prospects the first two times they visit, more then that you are required to pay for your guest's meal.  If you bring a non-prospect guest, someone to just join you for lunch, or if you take out a lunch for anyone that is not a member, you are required to pay for your guest's or takeout meal.  The cost of the meal is $7 per meal and must be paid to the Treasurer at the time of the meeting.