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The Rome Exchange Club was chartered in 1936 and is still going strong today serving the community through many service projects including child abuse prevention.

Exchange Club of Rome

 Meetings Held Friday At Noon
The Palladium
Coosa Valley Fairgrounds

1400 Martin Luther King Blvd 
Rome, GA
Club Anniversaries

Club Anniversaries

39 years !!

Tom Bennett

24 years !!

Bill Wrigley

19 years !!

Rhonda Wallace

9 years
Tom Sills
Clarence Trammell

6 years
Jimmye Grimes
Andrew Hight
Ben James

5 years
Ronnie Wallace

4 years
Brian Hampton

2 years
Will Byington
Bob Evans
Greg Fricks
Barbara Penson

ECOR Officers
Rome Exchange Club
2015-2016 Officers

President - J P Cooper

Past President -  Bryan Shealy
President Elect - Mike Elliot
Secretary - Charles Long
Treasurer - Meredith Brown
Ex-Officio - Bill Irmscher
Term Ending 6/30/2015
Debbie Burnett
Leslie Duke
 Michael Elliott
Cathy Kerce
Jackie Moreland 
Lee Niedrach
Term Ending 6/30/2016
Louise Branham
Giles Chapman
Greg Fricks
Greg Gaston
Nan Langford
John Upton
District President  - Tyron Spearman

Program of Service
Committee Chairperson
Americanism- Leslie Duke
Youth - John Upton
Community Service - Cathy Kerce
Child Abuse Prev -  Nan Winkelman
P/R -Jackie Moreland
Social - Tony Daniel
Awards - Michael Elliott
Programs - JP Cooper
Fellowship -Rhonda Wallace & Steve White New Member Support -
Tony Daniel
Contact one of these Chairpersons and volunteer for a committee.  Just click
on their name to send an email.
CVFA Officers
Coosa Valley Fair Association Officers
Pres - Bill Irmscher
1st VP - John Garner
2nd VP - Gene Richardson
Treas - Joe Wade
Sect - Paul Smith
Ex Officio - Bryan Shealy
Past Pres - Kirk Milam
Term Expires 12/2015

Holly Kelly

Gigi Binion

Steve White

Frank Shropshire

Phil Burkhalter

Term Expires 12/2016
Don Chambers

Charles Long

Sam Reeder

Cathy Kerce

Milton Slack

Term Expires 12/2017

Sherri Beideck

Jordan Knight

Bobby Padgett

Jason Sanker

Joe Wade III


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Rome Exchange Club

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Rome's #1 Service Club  For Over 78 Years July 6, 2015

July 3: No Noon Meeting Distribution of Flags at First Friday Concert!

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At our last meeting…..

Our last meeting was the Installation Banquet where we installed our 2015-2016 officers.  District President Tyron Spearman was on hand to do the installation.

    Our outgoing President Bryan Shealy also presented awards to Exchangites who have exemplified dedicated service to the club during the past year.

    Pictured below are some of these award winners plus the installation ceremony.

District President Tyron Spearman outlined some of the accomplishments during the past year at the District and National level.  The three candles on the podium were burning in memory of three Exchangites who died during the past year –   Sam Burrell, Jack Carter, and Milton Tippin
Exchangite Giles Chapman was recognized not only as Exchangite of the Year for the Rome Exchange Club but he also won the Charlie Foster Exchangite of the Year for Large Clubs at the District Convention.
J P Cooper takes the Oath of Office as our new President.

Greg Gaston, BIll King, Ronnie Farmer, and Phil Franssen were honored with certificates for their dedicated service to the club during the past year.
The meeting concluded with the ceremonial transferring  of the gavel to our new president J P Cooper.


Gary Tillman Memorial Clocktower Race


It’s time to lace up your running shoes, your walking shoes, or your volunteer shoes and mark your calendars for the 30th Annual Gary Tillman Memorial Clocktower 5K Road Race and 2 Mile Health Walk.  This year will mark the 10th year of Exchange Club involvement and benefiting our own Family Resource Center.  The race will be held on Saturday, August 15th, at 8:00amWe need participants, sponsors, and volunteers.  This race cannot happen without your help.  Volunteer sheets will start appearing at meetings starting next week.  Registration forms and sponsorship information are available by clicking on the appropriate links.


                       Clocktower Flyer     Sponsorship Package

As always, the race cannot happen without many volunteers, and this year this is especially important, since I will be taking a less active role in the future.  There are several key roles that can be filled by volunteers who will work closely with Exchangite Jason Sanker and me to ensure that every aspect of the race is covered. Some of these roles have been filled, but there are still some needs.  We still need individuals to fill the following leadership positions:

  • Volunteer Coordinator – Work with the race director to recruit and assign some 70 volunteers, including Exchangites, FRC board and staff, and community volunteers.  Communicate with volunteers prior to race day to ensure they know their job, where they are to be, and what time they are to arrive on race day.  Check in volunteers on race day, reassigning to open spots if necessary.  Ensure that tee-shirts and lanyards are distributed, and that lanyards are returned.  Requires strong organizational skills and the ability to think quickly under pressure.  Jason has done this beautifully for several years, but will be shadowing me this year.
  • Refreshments Coordinator – Secure food, beverages, cups, and ice for post-race refreshments, and work with Sponsor Liaison for refreshment area layout on race day.  Ensure that water is available for water stop and that volunteers are in place to carry tables and water to the water stop.  The water stop volunteers are “old pros” at this.  We just need to be sure they have what they need to take to the water stop. Ensure a smooth flow from the Finish Line to the refreshment area and then out into the park.  We need water for the runners when they finish but don’t want them to congregate at the Finish Line.  In the past we have had bananas and oranges, sometimes bagels, water, and energy and/or recovery drinks.  I would like to expand this and make it more organized.  Depending on sponsors, they may also have food or drinks at their tents.  This needs to be coordinated.
  • Registration Liaison – Ensures that registration deadlines are met on race day (no runners may register after 7:30am).  Ensures that all entries are received by the Finish Line company for input, and then returned to Kathy Phillips for input into the race email database.  Assists the Finish Line company in tracking down problem entries prior to race and during results compilation.

Next year there will be other roles that can be filled by someone other than the race director, but if we can get volunteers in these for this year, it would be tremendous!  Please contact Gail Johnson at 706-346-9348 orgailj1@bellsouth.net if you are interested, or know someone who would be a good fit.


Farewell Message from President Bryan Shealy



I am not sure I felt this way all during the year … but … where did this last year go?  It seems like I have just started my term as President of the Club and now it is time to be “put out to pasture”.  It has been fast but it has been extremely productive.  We began a busy July passing out flags and rallying with the Family Resource Center gang for a big outing and school supply give away.  We never slowed down after then.


The Club and its members have accomplished a lot this year in many different venues.  There were many highlights which you have participated in or read about as the weeks rolled on.  We did a lot of new things this year, some minor but many were very major in both planning and execution.  Our FRC is involved with a record number of families and we have helped them in many ways.


Our members have been very involved with each of their fund raisers which have raised a record amount of funds.  We have had a number of community involvement opportunities which we were glad to support and participate in.  Our Club had an unbelievable year with our main fund raising event – The Coosa Valley Fair.  Under the guidance of Kirk Milam the Fair raised a substantial amount of money which we were able to funnel to the community in various forms.  Of course, our main charity is the FRC and we have contributed over $30,000 to them through direct donations, fund raising sponsorships, and in-kind donations directly from the Club.  In addition the $4,000 we donate to the United Way helps bring back another almost $30,000 to the Center.  We have helped the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Library, Red Cross and many others along the way.


Many events we do from year to year.  We strive to make them better and provide service to our community at the same time.  Events like the Senior Santa gifts, military postcards, miniature flag give away, blue cup donations, youth programs, scholarships and so many more.  This year we also added a few like the children safety program downtown for Trick-or-Treat.  We did, however, add a couple very major events which took months of planning and a concentrated amount of funds and manpower to pull off with help from a number of special friends and organizations. The first was the raising of the flag pole and posting of the Star Spangled Banner replica flag on Jackson Hill.  The second was the gathering of many community organizations to rally behind a single Memorial Day event to honor our fallen heroes that gave their all for our great land.


All of the efforts have be greatly appreciated by our community and our peers.  There is daily talk about the presence of the wonderful flag which can be seen from almost anywhere in Rome.  It is a fitting tribute which our Club has instigated and successfully completed for our citizenship and visitors.  Our efforts have not gone unnoticed in any way.  Nothing shows more evidence of this than our trip to the Georgia State Convention.  We brought home every single award we submitted except for one.  Not too shabby gang!


I leave you now with this last thought.  We could not have done it without each and every one of our members.  I offer a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you for helping me this year.  You made my job much easier and it has been a pleasure to serve you ….


May God continue to bless you and your families.



PSST…Have You Forgotten To Mail That Dues Check?

Treasurer Meredith Brown is reminding all members with a past due balance that it’s time to pay.  Reminder statements have gone out to all members with a past due balance requesting payment and all members are asked to be aware that our club’s bylaws state that any member who is two quarters behind will be dropped from the rolls.  If you have received a letter from Meredith, please contact her as soon as possible.
When dues become more than two quarters behind your account will be considered delinquent.  Your membership will be dropped if you do not contact the treasurer or submit a letter of resignation.  In order to resign as a member in good standing, please pay any dues outstanding.

Volunteers Needed For July 4th Weekend 


July 4th Weekend 

The first Americanism project for the 2015-2016 Exchange year will be done in cooperation with Rome’s Downtown Development Authority’s First Friday Concert on July 3rd.  This will be a huge block party on Broad Street and we plan to distribute small American Flags to all children attending the party.  If we have any left over, we plan to distribute to children on July 4th at Ridge Ferry Park.Bill announced at the Installation Banquet that he had enough volunteers for the July 3rd Block Party event.  If you can volunteer for the July 4th event, please contact Bill King at 706-766-8451, or email him at kinggflnt@yahoo.com .


Answer The Letter…Join The Campaign

Family Resource Center Vice-President Jim Talley reminded all Exchangites at the last meeting that Annual Campaign letters had been sent to all members asking them to make a financial contribution to our Exchange Club Family Resource Center, the only fully accredited Exchange Child Abuse Prevention Center in Georgia.
Talley thanked all those who have already responded and urged those who have not yet sent in their pledge cards or a donation to please do so as quickly as possible.  He also reported referrals to the FRC are running ahead of last year and there are more cases than we can handle with the current staff we have.

Exchangite Charles Stevens has accepted the role of Chairman of the Exchange Annual Campaign.  Charles will be selecting fellow Exchangites to serve as Campaign Leaders who will then contact individual members that have not pledged or donated.

Please Answer the letter.

Yard Sale Items Needed


yard saleOur own Mr. Yard Sale, Scottie Edwards has put out a call for items to be placed in another Exchange Club Yard Sale to be heldat the fairgrounds mid-August.

What ever you have…we want it and you can either bring it to an Exchange meeting with you or we will pick it up if you call Scottie at 706-346-5998.  Nothing is too small or too big because one man’s trash is an others treasure.


Have You Ordered The New Exchange Shirts?

New ECOR Shirt Logo

Have you seen the new Exchange Club of Rome Shirts?  The new distinctive logo includes the State of Georgia logo on a striped red and white flag and incorporates by the Exchange Club and the Fair Association.

These are available in both men’s and ladies styles and can be ordered for you.  Please use the link below to download an order form so you can make your selection.  Please attached your check to your order form, give it to Bryan Shealy, and you shirt(s) will be ordered for you.

Rome Exchange Club

 Meetings Held Friday At Noon
The Palladium
Coosa Valley Fairgrounds

1400 Martin Luther King Blvd 
Rome, GA

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2014-15 Natl Campaign







Again this year,  we will be recording the names of members who bring in a new member.  Members who recruit a new member will receive a badge pin like this from National. 

JP Cooper
Terry Simmons
Kirk Milam
Leslie Duke
Paula Wachsteter

Ben Levy

Cathy Kerce

Diane Warner

Harry Wise

Joel Megginson, Sr

Jordan Knight

Buzz Wachsteter (3)

Bob Williams
Don Chambers

Bryan Shealy (2)
Frank Shropshire

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Time to think
National Convention!!!

The National Exchange Club
Convention will be held
July 29-Aug 1
Hyatt Columbus (OH)

It's Not Too Early To Plan

Georgia District of Exchange
2016 Convention
 June 9 - 10 - 11, 2016

Meal Policy Of The Exchange Club Of Rome

Members are encouraged to bring prospective member guests to all regular meetings.  The club is most happy to pay for the meals of prospects the first two times they visit, more then that you are required to pay for your guest's meal.  If you bring a non-prospect guest, someone to just join you for lunch, or if you take out a lunch for anyone that is not a member, you are required to pay for your guest's or takeout meal.  The cost of the meal is $7 per meal and must be paid to the Treasurer at the time of the meeting.