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The Rome Exchange Club was chartered in 1936 and is still going strong today serving the community through many service projects including child abuse prevention.

 Meetings Held Friday At Noon
The Palladium

Coosa Valley Fairgrounds
1400 Martin Luther King Blvd
Rome, GA


Winner of the National Exchange Club
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Winner of the Georgia District
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Our Latest News…


April 27: Faith and Deeds Community Health Clinic

Next Meeting

April 27th


Faith and Deeds Community Health Clinic

Renee Blackburn RN

Executive Director

Renee Blackburn was born and raised in Little Texas Valley and benefited from 12 years of education from the finest teachers Floyd County had to offer, all of them undying Armuchee Indians just like she is.  She received her Nursing degree from Dalton State and has been a practicing nurse in the community for 27 years with the privilege of working at both hospitals as well as with the school systems during her career. 
In a concerted effort to find a job that was also a ministry to the community she is deeply rooted in, Ms. Blackburn is honored to be able to follow in the footsteps of Barbara Earle at Faith and Deeds Community Health, formerly the Free Clinic of Rome. Following the nine years that Barbara has served, she took over the position of Executive Director a year and a half ago and has determined aspirations to continue the success of the clinic in a way that will serve our neighbors in our community for years to come.  

BBQ chicken, Fried fish, Mashed potatoes, Collard greens, Cream corn, Salad, Rolls, Strawberry crunch 

At our last meeting…

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Last weeks program was presented by Tina Bartleson, Exec Director of our Family Resource Center.   Tina, in turn, introduced Helen, a grandmother raising her grandchildren. Helen told her story of how she came to be in that situation,  her fears and problems, and how much the Family Resource Center had helped her to cope and even thrive, giving her confidence and security to continue.  FRC staff member Maxine Clarkwas the parent aide that worked closely with Helen and also spoke to the club about her work to help Helen through this time. 
Another highlight of our program was the presentation of the winner of the Katie Dempsey STAR Volunteer award. Each year the award goes to a volunteer who has contributed much to the FRC.   State Representative Katie Dempsey, for whom the award is named and who was instrumental in the establishment of the FRC many years ago, was on hand to name this year’s recipient.  This year’s award goes to Susan Little shown here accepting the award.  
Previous STAR Award Winners 
2003 Katie Dempsey
2004 Jim Bishop
2005 Sam Evans
2006 Stephen Patton
2007 John Hine
2008 Lynn Maddox
2009 Gail Johnson
2010 Lisa Stuenkel
2011 Phyllis Pemerton
2012 Dr. Gary Smith
2013 George Kastanias
2014 Jason Sanker
2015 Gin Gunther
2016 Robin Hice
2017 Terry Clift
Other Exchangites recognized for their volunteer efforts at the FRC were Bob Evans  and Paula Wachsteter. 
Each member of the staff of the FRC was also recognized and presented with a flower arrangement  by Lee Niedrach, President of the Board of the FRC. Pictured here is Kathy Phillips,  Administrative Director along with
Board President Lee Niedrach.

It’s Time To Register For District Convention

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Our Club encourages members to attend the District Convention in Columbus.  The club plans to offset some of your expenses depending on how many members go and the availability of funds. 

May 31, June 1-2

 Columbus Marriott Hotel & The Columbus

Convention And Trade Center


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What To Do In Columbus?  Plenty!!!


For the remainder of this year, ending June 30th, please submit all Programs Of Service forms to Gail Johnson at immediately following the completion of project for which you are the lead organizer.  Submit POS forms for a completed project ONLY, not for individual modules that make up that project.  For example, an event, such as Night at the Movies, a presentation of the Tomb of the Unknowns, or the ACE Awards, is one project.  Individual planning sessions or work leading up to the event should not be submitted as individual projects.   A blank POS form is available by clicking  HERE . 


Yardsale Time Again. Look In Your Closets…

Our club’s “Yardsaler Extraordinaire” Scottie Edwards is sending out the word that he is gathering up items for a spring yard sale with the proceeds going to our Exchange Club projects.
Sooo… look in your garages, attics, and closets and see what you can donate.  We need things that will be appealing to someone else (no clothing items) such as furniture, appliances large and small, lawnmowers and tools, gadgets and gizmos, sports memorabilia, working electronics, bicycles, tricycles, unicycles, sewing machines…got the message yet?

Call Scottie, 706-346-5998, and he will pick up the stuff or bring it to our Exchange meeting. 


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Club Anniversaries


Club Anniversaries

284 years of
combined  service

37 years!!!

Don Liverett

36 years!!!

Rick Sargent

34 years!!!

Darrell Lowery

28 Years

Steve White

27 years

Ben Harrison

24 years

Bob Williams

14 years

Mark Harrison

13 years

Lisa Stunkel
David Schrieber

12 years

Kirk Milam
10 years
Jim Kelly
Jason Sanker
Jordan Knight
4 years
Charlie Schroeder
3 years
Amanda Abassi
Marti Robels
2 years
Micah Duke
Scotty Hancock
1 year
Alex Robels
David Gresham

ECOR Officers


Rome Exchange Club

2017-2018 Officers

President - Charles Long
President Elect - Charles Norris
Secretary - Giles Chapman
Treasurer - Bob Steinbruegge
Past President - Mike Elliott
Term Ending 6/30/2018
Phil Burkhalter Patrick Eidson Bob Evans Ronnie Farmer Steve White
Terry Simmons
Term Ending 6/30/2019
George Fricks
Linda Hatcher
John Fortune
Larry Walker
Frank Shropshire
Jim Belzer
District President 
Sidney Blanton

Programs of Service

Committee Chairperson 

Americanism- John Fortune
Youth - Frank Shropshire  
Community Service -George Fricks
Child Abuse Prev - Larry Walker
P/R -Phil Burkhalter
Social -  J.P. Cooper
Awards - Steve White
Programs -  Charles Norris
Fellowship - Rhonda Wallace & Steve White
New Member Support -  Mike Elliott
Contact one of these Chairpersons and volunteer for a committee. 

CVFA Officers

2018 Coosa Valley Fair Association Officers
President - Barbara Carter 
1st VP - Mike Elliott
2nd VP - JP Cooper
Treasurer - Joe Wade
Secretary- Bryan Shealy
Past Pres - Bryan Shealy
Ex-Officio - Charles Long
Emeritus -  Paul Smith

Term ending 12-2018
Jason Sanker
Jim Kelley
Bob Babcock
Dave Shelton
Len Woodward
Term ending 12-2019
Phil Burkhalter
Cathy Kerce
Gail Johnson
George Bosworth
JC Grimes
Term ending 12-2020
Kathi Watson
Wanda Whitten
Joe Wade III
Ben Rigas
Robert Smyth


Meal Policy Of The Exchange Club Of Rome

Members are encouraged to bring prospective member guests to all regular meetings.  The club is most happy to pay for the meals of prospects the first three times they visit, more than that you are required to pay for your guest's meal unless they have submitted an application for membership, in which case the meals will remain at no charge.
If you bring a non-prospect guest, someone to just join you for lunch, or if you take out a lunch for anyone that is not a member, you are required to pay for your guest's or takeout meal.  The cost of the meal is $10 per meal and must be paid to the Treasurer or other officer 
at the time of the meeting.  Money can also be placed in the Dues Box in the lobby.