A great article from our District President……
Remember Georgia Exchangites, It is Your LOCAL Merchants Who Support YOUR Local Club. During This Holiday Period, Give Them Your Support Back.
If you have read or listened to the newscasts about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you heard that shoppers are turning to Internet shopping in droves. Most folks don’t give this a second thought because it is so easy to just get on the computer or your hand held device and shop away without having to go anywhere and often with free shipping and maybe at a reduced price. But, most of us have never given a second thought to the fact that by not supporting our local brick and mortar merchants we are cutting off the hands that are helping Exchange Clubs in our communities?
If your club is typical, it is so common for your local merchants to give you door prizes for different events at club meetings, or purchase advertisements in your calendars, or purchase banner adds on the fences of your fairgrounds or your ball fields. In some cases they are actually paying the dues for some of your members…aren’t they?
On the other hand, when was the last time you received any donation from Amazon or any of those other huge Internet folks? Bet you haven’t cause I know we haven’t. And how much in property taxes are those Internet companies paying to your cities and counties to support you local government and your schools?
My fellow Exchangites, I am not trying to tell you what you should or should not do, I am just suggesting that you give those local merchants, the ones that support YOUR activities in Exchange a shot first. If that doesn’t work out…you tried.
Sidney Blanton
Georgia District President