From The Family Resource Center…
“We Are Moved,We Are  Almost  Settled, AND WE LOVE IT!!!

The New Reception Area
(Volunteer Station)
Parent Aide Office #1

(3 Parent Aides)

Parent Aide Office #2
(2 Parent Aides)
Office Manager & File Room
(Kathy Phillips)
Supervisor Parent Aide’s Office
(Shemika Roberts)
Executive Director’s Office
(Tina Bartleson)

The FRC’s move to the Serve Rome Building on East Third Avenue is finally complete and the staff is operating full speed out of the new location and loving the new location.  All Exchangites are invited to come to the ribbon cutting for the Serve Room building on September 24th at 3:30 pm to celebrate with all the agencies and take a tour.  You will be impressed.