Hal Gosnell recently shared this “wish list” with me…something he found while wandering around Facebook.  Its author is reported to be an elementary age child in foster care.  While I can’t validate the age of the author, I can validate that the Exchange Club Family Resource Center is able to address the needs described in the wish list.  
Through our Exchange Parent Aide services, we help parents learn the skills they need to provide stable homes, to discipline without abuse, to nurture and support their children…and to give their children safe homes. THANK YOU Exchange Club for your recent donation of $6429 toward the Parent Aide program.  We’ll use that money well….and help children have safer childhoods.
The FRC is moving soon!
At last week’s Exchange Club meeting, Lee Niedrach, FRC Board President, announced that the FRC will move into the new “Serve Rome” building at Rome First United Methodist Church (RFUMC) in September.    
The information below hopefully answers any questions you have.  Feel free to reach out to Jason Sanker, Lee Niedrach, or Tina Bartleson if you have other questions.
What is “Serve Rome” and why did RFUMC create it? RFUMC recently realized that space in their “Admin Building”  is used only a few hours each week.  The church spent a number of months exploring the possibility of creating space that nonprofits could use to “serve” Rome.    The 3-story Admin building (located between the Sanctuary and the building that houses the pre-school program) will continue to house several church staff offices but the third floor will be used by the Exchange Club Family Resource Center.  Hospitality House will have an outreach office on site and we understand that other current partner agencies with whom we work are also considering the move.  Our expense will be a pro-rated share of building expenses (utilities, housekeeping, etc.). 
What keeps the church from changing its mind?  We believe this to be a stable situation as the church has spent months exploring this option, has entered into an Agreement with the FRC, and is establishing a special board composed of church members as well as representatives from each agency that will reside in the building.  The church is also investing money into updating the building.  “Serve Rome” also seems to in keeping with past history of RFUMC, which has provided the building for Good Neighbors Ministries for 25 years and has housed various other non-profits in other space on campus.   The FRC Board appointed a special committee, headed by Jason Sanker, to weigh the pros and cons of this move.    Other members of the committee included Ronnie Farmer, Phil Franssen, Greg Gaston, Gail Johnson, and Buzz Wachesteter.  After very careful consideration, all agreed that the move appears to be a good one for our Center.
Why did FRC elect to move?  The space at 5 Professional Court has worked well for us for the last 17 years, especially when we were operating the Supervised Visitation program.  However, as we have phased out that program, we find that we now have underutilized space.   Our current lease expires at the end of September. The move to the Serve Rome Building will save us money and our close proximity to the bus station, Good Neighbors Ministries, and the other agencies who will reside in the building will allow us to deepen our services and reach more families over time.
Will the Center become a faith-based program or a program of the church?  No.  Our program, our philosophies, and our practices will remain the same.    We are not coming under the umbrella of the Church and will operate as we have for the last 27 years, as YOUR Exchange Club Family Resource Center.
What about branding and parking?  FRC will have signs outside and inside the building.  We believe visibility for both the FRC and Exchange Club will increase.  Staff will park in the Wilder Center parking lot typically.
How do staff feel about the move?  Our staff are so excited that several have already started packing!
What can I do to help?  We need help packing items into boxes in preparation for movers.  We also need help painting our new offices in August and in getting the space clean and “move-in ready”.  If you are able to help, please let Larry Walker or Tina Bartleson know.  If you have some paint supplies we can borrow, that will be helpful as well.
We look forward to this next phase of our growth…and will host an Open House once we are in the new space!

Tina Bartleson

Exec Director
Family Resource Center

And Don’t Forget, We Need Your “Stuff” For The Yard Sale For

Child Safety

We Need Your Donations NOW!
Here we go again and do we have a GREAT cause.  On Saturday, August 4th, the Exchange Club of Rome will have the Hot Summer Daze Sale at the Fairgrounds.  What will we sell, anything you donate to us to sell.  What will be use the money for?
  1. Children’s safety car seats for use by the Family Resource Center and to help fill in the inventory of the Rome Police Department. Since one size DOES NOT fill all, and our Parent Aids need from new born up, we will work to fIll the needs as far as the funds will go for both agencies.

  2. A supply of TIME OUT TEDDY BEARS, the official “Spokes-Bear” for Exchange’s Child Abuse Prevention Program. These bears will be distributed to our local police department to be used by officers when they come upon a situation involving a small child or a car wreck where there is child that needs to be comforted by cuddling Time Out Teddy and be reassured that they are OK.

We need merchandise from YOU.  Pots, pans, tv’s, radios, toys, books, small electrical appliances, luggage, clean comforters, furniture of any kind, lawn mowers, washers, dryers, boats, trailers, knives, any type of collectibles, fresh vegetables, outdoor furniture, vacuum cleaners, doll houses, handmade crafts, pictures, paintings, ladders, office furniture and supplies, and on and on and on.  We need anything you have to sell and if you are sure you don’t have anything, which is hard to believe, we will take a donation to the bottom line.
Need to have it picked up?  Call Scottie, 706-346-5988, or Buzz, 706-252-4690, and let’s see what we can arrange for you.