Rome Checks Off First Program Of Service for


Over the Fourth Of July weekend, Exchangites working together completed the first Program of Service of our new year. Under the watchful eye of the Americanism Committee, volunteers manned a public showing of our award winning Tomb project, ” A Call To Honor” at Ridge Ferry Park.
More terrific community programs are kicking off. Have you answered your email on selecting a committee(s) to volunteer for?

Rome Contingent On Way To Arlington
To Lay Wreath

Representatives Of The Exchange Club of Rome are on their way to Washington to place a memorial wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown in Arlington Cemetery. The group is led by President Patrick Eidson and includes Exchangites Bill King and Phil Burkhalter. Phil’s company constructed our 1/2 replica of the tomb and accompanying the group will be Chuck Schmult who did all of the intricate carvings on the replica. They will be met in Washington by Exchange CEO Tracey Edwards who will represent National Exchange in the ceremony held on Thursday.

What’s Ahead For The Tomb Replica Project?

  • July 11 Thru 28 – The Cherokee Nation, Tahliquqah, OK
  • Aug 6-13 – Exchange Club Fair, Ivins, Utah
  • Sept 5-7, Field of Honor Remembrance, Niceville, FL
  • Oct 1-5, Coosa Valley Fair, Rome, GA
  • Nov 10-11, Renaissance Marquis, Rome, GA
(Interested in joining the team? Contact Bill King, 706-766-8451)