Check out the FRC’s 4th quarter report.   Some very good information here.
A success story….
I was recently reminded about how important our services are to families.  Last week, I met a mom who was graduating from our program.  She enthusiastically described some of the things she learned through her Parent Aide, Maxine.  She told me that she better understands the needs of her toddler, she is involved with her 6 year old in his school (a feat as she dropped out of school when a teen), she reads to her children daily, she doesn’t scream but has rules, she knows more about taking care of herself, she uses a budget with her husband, and uses a calendar to track bills and appointments.  These seem like small things but for this 23 year old, they are new skills and foundational pieces to a better life with her family.  For us, it was a special thrill to see her graduate as she declined our services just a few years ago (after the birth of her first child).  The mom says, “I was younger and didn’t know what was good for me.”  This mom was a little nervous about graduating as  Maxine will no longer visit her each week but we were able to assure her that she could stop in anytime and that Maxine is just a phone call away.