Guests at our last meeting….
Above left – Milton Slack with Clem and grandchildren
Above right – Al Robles with Alex McIntosh
Left – Bonnie Askew with Kendall Atkins


May’s National Exchange Contest For Bringing A Guest

Invite a “Mom” to our Exchange Club meeting and let’s post a picture of you and your guest!

Be A Rome Club Builder by
Sponsoring A New Member

Add your name to the list: Jim Belzer – Phil Burkhalter – Billy Brown – JP Cooper – Patrick Eidson – Lee Hamby – Scotty Hancock (2) – Charles Norris (4) – Lee Niedrach – Frank Redwine – Marti Robles – Bryan Shealy – Frank Shropshire – Terry Simmons – Buzz Wachsteter – Heather Wachsteter – Paula Wachsteter – Larry Walker – Leonard White – Bob Williams