Be Prepared To Vote For New Officers

And Board Members On April 5th

Also at this meeting, we heard the first reading of the slate of officers and board members from the Nominating Committee. They are:
  • President – Patrick Eidson
  • President-Elect – Larry Walker
  • Secretary – George Fricks
  • Treasurer – Carol Abrams
  • Past President – Charles Norris
  • Directors for the term ending June 30, 2021
  • Jordan Knight
  • Linda Hatcher
  • John Fortune
  • Kirk Milam
  • Mike Jackson
  • JC Grimes
The slate will be presented again at the Business Meeting on April 5 for approval. Nominations will also be allowed from the floor.

Yard Sale Time
August 13th

The date is set. The proceeds will be used for the upkeep of our club’s Tomb project. Now, all we need is good merchandise of every kind to sell.

Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure so give Scottie Edwards a call, 706-346-5998 and a member of the club will come to your house to pick it up.

We need it all…furniture (inside and outside), appliances (from small kitchen to refrigerators and freezers), tools, books, collectibles, antiques, jewelry…just anything!


Remember The Club’s
Meal Policy


You are encouraged to bring potential member guests to meetings at no charge, except business meetings. If you bring a guest who is not a potential member, you are responsible for a $10 extra meal charge to be paid at that time. The money may be paid to the Treasurer or place it in the lobby payment box with your name on it.

Quarterly Dues Invoices Have Been Sent Out

Depending on your preferences, you should have received an invoice by email or mail. If you are a quarterly payer, and have NOT received an invoice, please let out Treasurer know,
Invoices are Due Upon Receipt.