Exchangite Wanda Whitten  will be accepting volunteers for the Annual Santa For Seniors program our Club does every year. This is the program we do in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Department.  Each Exchangite that volunteers gets a name of a senior who has no local family, a small modest wish list from that person, and they shop for them to let them know they are remembered at the holiday period.

Also the FRC is now accepting sponsors for the Adopt A Family Christmas Project.  Last year, with your help, we sponsored 18 families which included 46 children.  If you would like to sponsor a family, please contact Kathy Phillips or Susan Little at 706-290-0764.  We have families of all sizes. You can choose to do the shopping or just make a monetary donation and the Parent Aide can take the parent(s) shopping.  Our families really appreciate this project each year as it makes the holidays a lot less stressful for many of them.  We appreciate all you do for our families.