President’s Message

Welcome to the Exchange Club of Rome.

We are proud to be Rome’s number one service club.  Our members are constantly working in our community to promote Americanism, Community Service, the Support of our Youth, and the Prevention Of Child Abuse, our major National program.

Over 28 years ago, our club founded the Exchange Club Family Resource Center as a local Child Abuse Prevention Center and it’s nationally recognized staff works every day with families so our children can grow up not knowing fear and neglect at home.  It’s a hard job that takes constant work, but we hope that the day will come that we can shut the doors because we have won the battle.

Our club meets every Friday at noon at the Palladium on the grounds of the Coosa Valley Fair.  We welcome you as a visitor and hopefully as a member.  You won’t regret it.

Yours in Unity For Service,

Charles Norris
2018-2019 President
Exchange Club of Rome