Last week there was a list of 2020-2021 officers and committee chairs along with their email addresses. Your interim newsletter editor is still learning all of the nuances of the “new and improved” Constant Contact and while the method I chose to display those names and email addresses works for one medium it doesn’t work for all of them. So, let’s try this again. Below you will find a link to a pdf document that lists the officers and committee chairs with their contact information. In the future this button will be displayed at the bottom of the newsletter each week.
If you have an idea or a project you would like to be considered by the board, reach out to the appropriate committee chair and present it to him or her. Remember, this is YOUR Exchange Club!
President Elect
Assistant Secretary
Immediate Past President
Committee Chairs
Toys for Tots
Toys for Tots Asst
Community Service
Membership Retention
Membership Retention Asst
Youth Asst
Child Abuse Prevention
Child Abuse Prevention Asst
Public Relations
Newsletter Editor
Larry Walker
Lee Roberts
Lee Hamby
Sean Moriarty
Carol Abrams
Patrick Eidson
Linda Hatcher
Kathy Watson
John Fortune
Bill King
Kirk Milam
J.C. Grimes
Terry Simmons
Wanda Whitten
Dianne Warner
Amy Patterson
Stacy Walker
Charles Norris
Charles Norris
Sean Moriarty