Exchange Club Members Participate in FRC Annual Campaign

Amy Patterson, CAP Committee Chair & Annual Campaign Chair for Exchange Club
At the beginning of the Partners in Prevention Annual Campaign we set a goal to complete the campaign by June 30th. At that time we had no idea that our lives would be turned upside down in the weeks that followed. To date we have raised just over $118K against a goal of $147.3K, leaving a deficit of $29.3K. The goal for Exchange members is $22.5K, and to date we have given just over $10K. This means that 79 of the 216 members, or 36% have given to the campaign. The Family Resource Center needs us now more than ever.
If you haven’t made your pledge this year, please prayerfully consider your gift and email Amy Patterson or Tina Bartleson. Amy’s email is and Tina’s email is 
To be a part of the HIGH-FIVE CLUB, you must make a minimum of $60 pledge and you will receive a t-shirt as part of our thanks to you. If you would like to submit a video of why you support the FRC, please email your submission to Tina. The marketing committee is using videos on social media to promote giving. Who knows, you might go VIRAL! 


The following members have accepted the HIGH FIVE CLUB Challenge as of 06/30/2020: (*A Blue Heart means all or part of their donation was matched or a new gift this year.)

Anonymous 💙
Bob Babcock
Tina Bartleson💙
Rev. Don Black
Hugh Bonner
Dr. Scott Bowerman
Louise Branham
Rev & Mrs. Billy Brown 💙
Will Byington
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Clift
JP Cooper 💙
Tom Couch
Ray Cox
Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Dempsey
Fred Dent   💙  
Susi Edwards
Patrick Eidson
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Elliott 💙
Bob Evans 💙
Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Farmer
Jane & Phil Franssen  
John Fortune
George Fricks
Greg Gaston
Hal Gosnell💙
Richard Grant 💙
Ben Harrison
Linda Hatcher
Wes Henderson
John Hine 💙
Rocky Huffman Jr.
Beth & Terry Hughes 💙
Lydel Hunt
Gail Johnson💙
Joyce Johnson 💙
Terry Jones
Ron Kiefer
David Lanier 💙
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Levy
Mike Littlejohn 💙
John Massey 💙
Jackie Moreland 💙
Jack Niedrach 💙
Lee Niedrach  
Charles Norris
Amy Patterson 💙  
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Patton 💙
David Prusakowski
Gene Richardson
Dave Roberson
Lee Roberts 💙
David Shelton  💙
Frank Shropshire
Bob Steinbruegge
Charles Stevens 💙
Lisa Stuenkel
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Talley
Mr. & Mrs. Buzz Wachsteter  💙
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Walker
Rhonda Wallace 💙
Diane Warner
Kay Ann Wetherington
Lynn Whatley 💙
Leonard White
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Williams
Christopher Williams💙
Mr. & Mrs. Len Woodward 💙
Exchange Club members whose gifts were matched or made a gift to the FRC:
Lynn Brandon 💙
Dan Caesar 💙
Elizabeth Davis 💙
Joyce Gaston 💙
Mark McClendon 💙  
Bruce Jones
Darrell Lowrey
Thank you so much to our generous members.  You are making a difference in this community. Now more than ever, our community needs the Family Resource Center. We must help make it financially stable and continue to stand in the gap with the staff that work so hard for families.