This has been a very momentous week of negotiating between Floyd County and the City of Rome that has ended up with an agreement for both LOST tax revenue and swapping properties in Rome’s downtown.

We are so lucky to have as our program this week, Floyd County Manager Jamie McCord who has been in the center of the action for the past few months. Exchangites will have the opportunity to learn more about this and other things effecting our county first hand on Friday.

Jamie is a native of Centre, Alabama but grew up in the Silver Creek Community and has been a resident of Floyd County since 1975. Jamie has over 30 years of experience in engineering, transportation, public works, and management, previously serving as Technical Services Manager for Georgia DOT and Public Works Director for the City of Rome.

He has a degree in Civil Engineering from Southern Poly and a Master of Business Administration from Berry College. Jamie has been married to his wife Leslie for 26 years and they have 2 children, Meg and Matt. Meg teaches 1st Grade at Elm Street Elementary and Matt is a freshman at Georgia Highlands College.


Lunch Menu

Hamburger Steak

Baked Chicken

Hash Brown Casserole


Broccoli & Cheese

Pinto Beans

Peach Cobbler & Lemon Cake



If you thought you knew everything about chilis, you learned you really learned at our meeting on Friday that you didn’t have a clue.

Our member Jim Duffy began his interest in chili growing out of his work supporting three youth centers created by his church in California. Jim started bringing some chips and salsa to the centers as a treat for the young people only to find out they consumed them like they had no other food to eat and found out many did not. From that experience he began cooking food with financial help of the church to insure these young people had food to eat to keep them nourished.

At the same time, he started expanding his study and developing of chilis finding out all he could about 500 varieties and he became a recognized expert in his field. He became a chili entrepreneur beginning sales on eBay of a variety of seeds and then plants. He now produces numerous varieties in heat strengths from zero to off the scale…but no bell peppers.

He had a real desire to leave the California life and his search brought him to Northwest Georgia and finally locating in Lindale where he cultivates his pepper crops at his home and distributes plants and seeds to pepper lovers nation wide.
What’s next after hearing the story about chilis…YOU TASTE THEM, and Jim had a tasting lab for all those interested right after his presentation.

Interested in growing your own? Jim says you have about six weeks left to get the seeds and/or the plants in the ground to insure you have some “warm” food this fall and winter.

We bet you can get a taste to make sure your choice fits your pallet. You can reach Jim at 619-504-9777.

Exchange Club Honors Local Student “Heroes”

Exchange Club Honors Local Student “Heroes”

The Exchange Club recognized five students of Rome High School (Cesar Parker, Tyson Brown, Antwion Carey, Alto Moore, and Trevon Adams) for their heroic efforts in coming to the aide of a lady involved in a serious traffic accident on their way to school.

The group, all football players, witnessed a tractor trailer turn in front of a car causing the accident and all exited their vehicles to see what they could do to help a woman trapped in her car.

One of the student athletes told the club that they are trained to react to situations as football players and this is what they did.

The club gave each player a Certificate of Appreciation and a $50 gift card to show our appreciation for these student heroes