The Rome Exchange Clu

Rome’s #1 Service Club For 85 Years




The Rome Exchange Club was chartered in 1936 and is still going strong today serving the community through many service projects including child abuse prevention.

 Meetings Held Friday At Noon
The Palladium

Coosa Valley Fairgrounds
1400 Martin Luther King Blvd
Rome, GA


Our Latest News…


This week’s speaker: David Johnson, Exchange Club Region 10 Vice President

David Johnson joined Exchange in 2002 and is a member of the Exchange Club of Charleston and the Evening Exchange Club of Charleston and the Evening Exchange Club of Charleston, SC. He is currently serving at Region 10 Vice President, to which he was elected at the...

Welcome Guests!

Look at all of our Guests from Last Week! Second Visit! Guest Lyn Postlethwait with Al Robles. Guest Nancy Clift with Husband Terry Clift. Third Visit!!! Wes Martin with Mike Elliott. Second Visit!! Guest Jane Law with Nancy Mount.

Last Week’s Meeting

  Mason Hogan, Director of Operations. Presenting to the club about Ball Corporation's Aluminum cups here in NW GA. Left to right Exchange member Terry Clift, Mason Hogan, Director of Operations for Aluminum Clubs, Larry Wetzel, Director of project engineering,...

Tillman Clocktower 5K August 21

Save the Date!!! Registration is now open for the Clocktower 5K Road Race & 2 Mile Health Walk. Register now at     We cannot thank our sponsors enough for our Clocktower 5k Road Race and Health Walk. This is for a...

Family Resource Center News

It's almost back to school time and FRC Parent Aides are asking for gift cards (e.g. Wal-Mart, Family Dollar) to purchase needed items. By using gift cards, staff can reinforce the skills we teach (e.g. planning, budgeting, etc.) Of course, if you want to shop...

Toys for Tots Needs Warehouse

The warehouse that has been used by Toys for Tots for the last few years on Kingston Road has been sold and will be torn down. Our Toys for Tots program desperately needs a new warehouse location that is secure so we can store the toys already purchased for this...

Newsletter News!

If you have an item that needs to go into the newsletter, please send the item to my email by Monday at Noon. My plan is to have the newsletter out every Tuesday around Noon. My email is and you can reach me on my cell at 757-561-5954.

Don’t Forget to Pay Your Dues!

Please reach out to Carol Abrams to make sure you are caught up on your dues.. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carol either by phone or email. 770-547-4811 or

Exchange Club Committees Need You!

Watch for a Special Survey this week regarding Committees. We are Rome's Service Club, and we get things done best when we work together. Be thinking now about where you want to plug in, and let us know by responding to the survey. You will hear more about this at...

Coosa Valley Fair Grounds Availability

Our facilities at the Fairgrounds are available to other groups to rent.  Anyone with a rental possibility should reach out to Charles Long.    

Contact Club Officers and ECOR Board

  If you have an idea or a project you would like to be considered by the board, reach out to the appropriate committee chair and present it to him or her. Remember, this is YOUR Exchange Club!   [button...


Exchange fits communites is the 2020-2021 reboot of the #Exchangefits campaign. The refreshed hashtag has been developed to reflect how Exchange Clubs and members are responding to our new environment and their roles within communities.   #ExchangeFitsCommunities...

Upcoming ECOR Events

Meetings, Fridays at 12 PM

July 9: Business Meeting

July 16: TBA, Regular Meeting

July 23: TBA, Regular Meeting

July 30: TBA, Regular Meeting




Coosa Valley Fair Events

See What's Coming Up At The

Coosa Valley Fairgrounds

July 10 Public Safety Expo

Oct 5-9 Coosa Valley Fair!!


Know of rental opportunities?
Contact Charles Long

Club Anniversaries


45 years Thomas Bennett

25 years Rhonda Wallace

12 years Jimmye Grimes

12 years Benjamin Janes

8 years Will Byington

8 years Robert Evans

4 years Wain Bates

4 years Lee Roberts

3 years Bonny Askew

3 years Billy Brown

3 years William Goff

3 years David Prusakowski

3 years Lonnie Roberson

3 years Imani Welch

Club Birthdays!


07/01 Lisa Stuenkel

07/01 Diane Warner

07/02 Cathy Kerce

07/03 Joe Watters

07/08 J. Ronald Kiefer

07/12 Jimmye Grimes

07/14 Glenda Almand

07/15 Dan Caesar

07/16 Will Byington

07/19 David Estes

07/19 Imani Welch

07/20 Wain Bates

07/21 Ward Daugherty

07/22 Robert Smyth

07/23 Jim Loyd

07/24 Scott Rogers Henson

07/24 Paula Wachsteter

07/27 Vivian Richmeier

07/28 Robert Evans

07/29 Sam Evans

07/29 Charles Long

Exchange Club Officers

Larry Walker

President Elect
Lee Roberts

Lee Hamby

Asst. Secretary
Sean Moriarty

Carol Abrams

Past President
Patrick Eidson

Committee Chairs:
Toys For Tots: Linda Hatcher
Asst. Toys for Tots: Kathy Watson
Americanism: John Fortune
Community Service: Bill King
Awards: Kirk Milam
Youth: Wanda Whitten
Youth Asst.: Diane Warner
Child Abuse Prevention: Amy Patterson
Child Abuse Prevention Asst: Stacy Walker
Social: Charles Norris
Public Relations: Charles Norris
Newsletter Editor: Sean Moriarty


Coosa Valley Fair Assoc.

Executive Board
J P Cooper
First Vice President
Phil Burkhalter
Second Vice President
Joe Wade
Brian Shealy
Ex Officio
Patrick Eidson
Immediate Past President
Mike Elliott
( Ending 12/31/2019 )
Cathy Kerce
Gail Johnson
George Bosworth
JC Grimes
Jackie Moreland
( Ending 12/31/20 )
Kathi Watson
Charles Long
Joe Wade III
Ben Rigas
Robert Smyth
(Ending 12/31/21)
Joan Crumley
Sam Evans
John Fortune
Ted Noe
Dave Shelton
Emeritus Member
Paul Smith

Meal Policy Of The Exchange Club Of Rome

Members are encouraged to bring prospective member guests to all regular meetings. The club is most happy to pay for the meals of prospects the first three times they visit, more then that you are required to pay for your guest’s meal unless they have submitted an application for membership, in which case the meals will remain at no charge. If you bring a non-prospect guest, someone to just join you for lunch, or if you take out a lunch for anyone that is not a member, you are required to pay for your guest’s or takeout meal. The cost of the meal is $10 per meal and must be paid to the Treasurer or other officer at the time of the meeting. Money can also be placed in the Dues Box in the lobby.