The Rome Exchange Clu

Rome’s #1 Service Club For 83 Years



The Rome Exchange Club was chartered in 1936 and is still going strong today serving the community through many service projects including child abuse prevention.

 Meetings Held Friday At Noon
The Palladium

Coosa Valley Fairgrounds
1400 Martin Luther King Blvd
Rome, GA



Our Latest News…



Exchange Club of Rome Meetings Due toThe Georgia Public Health Emergency Covid-19the weekly in-person Exchange meetingshave been cancelled untilfurther notice.  Virtual Meetings will begin on Friday, July 31, 2020. Next Week, August 7th - Business Meeting  

This Week’s Speaker – Bill King

Bill has been a member of the Exchange Club of Rome, GA, since 2014. He served on the Americanism Committee, 2014 – 2016, and then served as the Americanism Committee Chairman, 2016 – 2018, during which time the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Replica received the...

Juy 31st Meeting Info

  The day we have all been waiting for is almost here! Tomorrow, Friday, July 31st, at noon we will once again meet as a club. President Larry Walker called on Holly Kelly as one of his first orders of business and asked her to lead the charge in getting our...

Virtual National Convention Gets Thumbs Up from Attendees

The 102nd National Exchange Club Convention was held virtually on Friday and Saturday, July 24th and 25th, with the virtual Child Abuse Symposium held concurrently. Tracey Edwards, National Executive Director, kicked off the convention with virtual toasts on FB Live,...

Early Voting Is Underway

As Americans it is our right and our responsibility to elect leaders for our cities, states, and country. On August 11, 2020 we will have an opportunity to vote in the Primary Runoff. If you wish to vote by absentee ballot, you can go to the Voter Page of the...

Birthdays & Anniversaries

June Birthdays 6/01 Leslie Brown 6/02 Johnny Bunch 6/03 Lynn Brandon 6/04 Sean Moriarty 6/14 Christopher Williams 6/14 Bryan Shealy 6/16 Gene Richardson 6/19 Buzz Wachsteter 6/19 Kathie Marable     6/23 Kathi Watson 6/25 Mark McLendon 6/26 Hal Gosnell 6/27...

Family Resource Center News

Gift Cards for School Supplies Needed We don't know exactly what school will look like this coming year, but one thing is certain. The families served by the FRC will need school supplies. As in recent years the FRC is requesting that we give gift cards to the Center,...

News about Dues

Dues for July - September are now due.  If you did not receive a dues notification from Carol Abrams, contact her at 770-547-4811 or email her at Dues can be mailed to Exchange Club of Rome, Attn: Carol Abrams, PO Box 1184, Rome, GA...

Club Officers and Board Info

Last week there was a list of 2020-2021 officers and committee chairs along with their email addresses. Your interim newsletter editor is still learning all of the nuances of the "new and improved" Constant Contact and while the method I chose to display those names...

upcoming ECOR Events

June 26th: No Meeting

July 3: No Meeting


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Oct 6-10: Coosa Valley Fair



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Club Anniversaries


Ed Kolodzel, 36 Yrs
Fred Dent, 33 Yrs
Tim Pape, 32 Yrs
Jack Neidrach, 31 Yrs
Chris, Mauer, 22 Yrs
Mike Pender, 20 Yrs
David Shelton, 19 Yrs
Elizabeth Davis, 14 Yrs
Michael Elliott, 9 Yrs
Greg Fricks, 8 Yrs
Louise Branham, 8 Yrs
Don Black, 8 Yrs
John Upton, 8 Yrs
Scott Bowerman, 7 Yrs
Tom Couch, 5 Yrs
Lyndell Megginson,2 Yrs
Ben Baker, 1 Yr




Exchange Club Officers

Patrick Eidson

President Elect
Larry Walker

Lee Hamby

Carol Abrams

Past President
Charles Norris

Ex Officio
Mike Elliott

( Ending 6/30/2020 )
Scotty Hancock
Bud Owens
Amy Patterson
Jason Sanker
Diane Warner
Ralph White

( Ending 6/30/201)
John Fortune
JC Grimes
Linda Hatcher
Jordan Knight
Kirk Milam

Coosa Valley Fair Assoc.

J P Cooper
First Vice President
Phil Burkhalter
Second Vice President
Joe Wade
Brian Shealy
Ex Officio
Patrick Eidson
Immediate Past President
Mike Elliott
( Ending 12/31/2019 )
Cathy Kerce
Gail Johnson
George Bosworth
JC Grimes
Jackie Moreland
( Ending 12/31/20 )
Kathi Watson
Charles Long
Joe Wade III
Ben Rigas
Robert Smyth
(Ending 12/31/21)
Joan Crumley
Sam Evans
John Fortune
Ted Noe
Dave Shelton
Emeritus Member
Paul Smith

Meal Policy Of The Exchange Club Of Rome

Members are encouraged to bring prospective member guests to all regular meetings. The club is most happy to pay for the meals of prospects the first three times they visit, more then that you are required to pay for your guest’s meal unless they have submitted an application for membership, in which case the meals will remain at no charge. If you bring a non-prospect guest, someone to just join you for lunch, or if you take out a lunch for anyone that is not a member, you are required to pay for your guest’s or takeout meal. The cost of the meal is $10 per meal and must be paid to the Treasurer or other officer at the time of the meeting. Money can also be placed in the Dues Box in the lobby.