The Exchange Club Family Resource Center

The Exchange Club Family Resource Center is an ongoing major emphasis project for the club. In 1988, The Exchange Club of Rome became interested in opening a Child Abuse Prevention Center, after learning of the impact of other Exchange-sponsored Parent Aide programs and that no resource of this nature existed in Floyd County.  In June of 1989, a task force headed by Katie Dempsey was formed to explore the possibility of opening a Child Abuse Prevention Center in Rome/Floyd County.  This task force held a series of three meetings with local community and social services agencies, law enforcement, legislators, judges, medical professionals, and interested community members.  Approximately 40 individuals representing these groups attended the meetings to study the national Exchange Club Child Abuse Prevention program and to investigate the need for a Center in Floyd County.  The study group supported the National program and agreed to collaborate on the project.  In June of 1990, The Rome Exchange Club unanimously extended its support and voted to adopt the Child Abuse Prevention Center project.  The Exchange Club Family Resource Center was officially opened in November of 1991.


Programs and Services

Supporting the Exchange Club Family Resource—and preventing child abuse and neglect—is one of our Club’s major initiatives.   The Exchange Club Family Resource Center works to prevent abuse by supporting families through providing:

Exchange Parent Aide program:

  • Helps families strengthen parenting and life skills
  • Serves families with children 0-12
  • Services are provided in the home on a weekly basis using the evidenced-based Exchange Parent Aide model*

*Parent Aide serves are linked with: Reduced maternal stress, depression and anxiety; Increased parental mastery; Reduced psychological aggression and physical assault toward children


Parent Education seminars:

  • Divorcing Parents Seminar: Mandated course for divorcing parents of minor children.  Find the class schedule and registration information here.
  • Parenting classes:  Continuing education using evidenced-based curriculum; classes offered in single and multi-week courses.  For more information, call the Exchange Club Family Resource Center at 706-290-0764.



In 2016, the Exchange Club Family Resource Center served 128 families, impacting 181 parents and 271 children. In addition, 346 parents participated in parent education programs. 3 out of 4 families working with our program demonstrate improvement in parenting and life skills…and risk to their children is reduced.

View our  2017 report